A downloadable Tears never fall for Windows and macOS



This game is my graduation work  at the Tokyo University of the Arts, School of media and film, and it is my first game project. Initially, I wanted to make a puzzle game about people living in an abandoned space city and facing a unknown creature that breaks their lives. I faced with so many situations because of no experience on game making, finally this game is only finished the first part of the game. This game still has many unsatisfactory places.If I have empty energy , it will be fixed and added new contents.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags2D, Anime, Drawing, Gravity, Sci-fi, Short


TNF_Cap1_v1.11[Mac].zip 152 MB
TNF_Cap1_v1.11[WIn].zip 142 MB

Install instructions


Download Mac or Windows Zip package and unzip it to play. Also can choose language(EN/JP/CN) in setting.


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Really great ambient, love the music and the aesthetics. The puzzle at beginning is a little bit hard for me but after that everything goes well and mixed with different game feel by these delicate mechanics and puzzle hints Wonderful experience and well done first game creation! also inspried me in different aspect.so cool.


Thank you for your playing , this is a naive game made by a game-design rookie. Unfortunely,It's not a happy developing experience , so there is no other chatpers for  now. I wish i can make something interesting  like your games. Anyway ,i am so touched by your reply. Thank you.

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The birth of the first game creation is always a troubled and unusual journey. All we can do is enjoy it and remember it. Cheers!

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My main reason (my other reason is down below) to why I am doing this is that I have made some really good friends on the plaftorm here on itch.io and most of their games are not even being noticed despite being really good and well made! So I am doing this to give a chance for those who have great projects and make long and big efforts to their games but still don't get enough attention! I hope this can bring some value and help to you developers who deserve that appreciation!


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Thank you for selecting my game in your game list. That's a sick game,but I have try my best.


You are doing great, keep it up always